Animoji GIF converter: learn to convert Animojis also to .GIF


The  Animojis is a kind of animated emoji in 3D format, which “mimic” real-time movements of users of iMessage –  Apple’s messaging app. The novelty is only possible thanks to TrueDepth technology (face ID), present in the front camera of the highly anticipated and robust iPhone X.

The animations are found in 12 formats, distributed in different figures, like types of animals, unicorn, robot, alien, among others. In addition, they can be used, created and shared in two formats: stick and video. However, there is also a way to convert them to GIF, through an Animoji GIF converter from Apple itself. Learn how to do it!

How to Convert Animojis to GIF

WorkflowTo start the Animoji GIF converter process, download a free automation application called Workflow. The tool can only be found in English and is intended to bring together and facilitate various actions available on your mobile device.

Then add the “Convert Animoji to GIF” functionality to the app. To do this, just touch the button with that title and select the “Get Workflow” option. If you have trouble locating this item, simply enter your title in the application’s search area or search for it in the app’s feature gallery.

Then, out of the app, make a recording using Animoji of your choice and upload your creation to iMessages. Then, press the created animation and copy it to a clipboard or to the camera roll.

Open Workflow again, tap the “Convert Animoji to GIF” function and select the play button, located at the top of the app. You will then be prompted to open the Animoji created. After a quick processing, it will be converted to GIF.Workflow

Animojis on other versions of iPhone

Users of other versions of the iPhone, unfortunately, can not rely on the use of Animojis, since they are only available for the iPhone X. After all, Apple took to the extreme the idea of exclusivity of the new device, especially with respect to the experience.

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